Analog line

The basic residential telephone service includes a residential line and unlimited local calls. Long distance calls are free of charge 24/7 between Cooptel telephone service subscribers. *

Here are 5 good reasons to choose Cooptel telephone service

  1. Keep your phone number
  2. Use your traditional phone and plug directly into existing plugs
  3. Get an instant discount if you subscribe to Cooptel high-speed Internet
  4. Become a Cooptel member and receive your annual return
  5. Take advantage of our great long distance plans starting at 2¢/minute

Support Services

  • Emergency services (911)
  • Operator service (0)
  • Directory Assistance Service (411)*
  • Transport Info (511)
  • Technical support and repairs (611)
  • Info-Santé (811)
  • Relay service for the hearing impaired (711)

Special functions

  • Call blocking (*67)
  • Busy call return (*66)
  • Call trace (*57)
  • Telephone number portability
  • White pages directory registration
Some restrictions apply
  • Certain restrictions apply. Available where technology permits. 911 fees will be added to the price of the telephone line each month.