Caller ID

See who is calling before you answer. Between the first and second ring, the name and number of the caller is displayed. **

Display blocking: *67

Call waiting

Do not miss any more important calls when you’re on the phone! The second person that tries to reach you will hear a ringtone and not an unavailable tone. After the second “beep”, the call will be forwarded to your voicemail if you are subscribed to this service or will simply remain unanswered. *

Dial *70 to deactivate.

Caller ID of the call on hold

See the callers name and his phone number on your screen while you are already on the phone. Visual call waiting service requires a telephone that is compatible with display. ***

Personalized calls

Only answer calls that are destined to you!

The personalized call service allows you to have up to two additional phone numbers on a same telephone line, each one having its distinctive ringtone.

You can distinguish calls from parents and children. Students sharing an apartment can distinguish their calls (up to 3 distinctive ringtones). *


Don’t miss any more calls ! The voicemail gets all of your messages when you can’t get to the phone or when you’re already on the line. To access your voicemail, you can dial *98.

Multi-user voicemail

Access your messages in full privacy !

The multi-user voicemail allows you to have up to 4 voicemails per telephone line. It allows each user to access his messaging using his personal code and insures the confidentiality of the messages received. *

You must be subscribed to the voicemail service.

Speed dial for 8 numbers

Speed dialing allows to save time and avoid looking for the numbers you call the most frequently and the emergency numbers. You can reach up to 8 telephone numbers by dealing a single digit code* To activate the 8 number speed dialing, dial *74.*

Three-way calling

Talk to two people in different locations at the same time!

The three-way calling service is used to organize special events or to chat with friends or family members. Three of you can chat or you can put a person on hold while you talk to the other person.* To activate the three-way calling, dial *71.*

Call tracing

Increase your safety and peace of mind!
This service allows to trace the last caller’s phone number*. To activate the scout function, dial *57.****


Don’t miss anymore calls! The call-return feature allows you to obtain and automatically redial the telephone number of the last person who called you number.* To activate the call-return feature, dial *69.*

Busy call return

This is the end of redialing to reach a busy line! The busy call return service monitors the busy line and notifies you when it is free.* To activate the busy call return service, dial *66. To deactivate this feature, dial *86. *

Call forwarding

Your calls follow you everywhere you go! Using the call forwarding service, you can automatically forward incoming calls to any number, including a cellphone, etc. *

When you are subscribed to the automatic Call forwarding on busy and automatic Call forwarding on no reply, your calls can be forwarded to the same telephone number or to different telephone numbers.* To activate the call forwarding feature, dial *72. To deactivate the feature, dial *73. *****

Long distance restriction

Avoid long distance calls! Useful when you have roommates or lodgers.

No service charges will apply for the activation of toll restriction service. ******

Call Screening

Enjoy the pleasure of knowing you won’t be bothered by unwanted calls! Using the screening service, you can send incoming calls from 12 different numbers towards a message explaining that you prefer not to receive calls at the moment.* To activate the screening function, dial *60. To deactivate the function, dial *40. *

Call transfer

With the option of call transfer, if you receive a call for a family member during his absence, you can transfer the call to his cell. The two people can then talk together and your phone line will be available to receive another call.

Some restrictions apply
  • Certain conditions apply. Available where technology permits.

  • Requires a telephone that is compatible with caller display. The caller display service include the display of name and phone number. Certain numbers cannot be displayed : occasional blocking of display, certain cellphones, certain public telephones.

  • Available where technology permits. You must be subscribed to the Display service and to the Visual call waiting service. Included if display and call waiting.

  • Charges apply even if you don’t call police services.

  • Fees apply when requesting a change to the Fixed call Forwarding.

  • Cooptel may refuse to issue a calling card to a residential subscriber with the Long Distance Restriction