About Us


To provide products and services related to telephony, Internet and television using in home fiber optics to meet the needs of our residential and commercial members in both rural and urban areas.


The values that matter to us and guide each of our actions are first and foremost oriented towards customer satisfaction. We want to provide unparalleled quality service to any client who is a full member of our organization. We exist thanks to him and we are committed to meeting his expectations.

We also want to maintain a high level of integrity . As a cooperative, we are committed to being honest, genuine and transparent in our actions and choices with our members, our employees, our suppliers and our partners.

We rely on our innovative ways to deliver high quality products and services at the cutting edge of technology.

Equity is at the heart of the cooperative movement and is defined by the principle of “one member, one vote”. We are also committed to respecting this principle with our employees, suppliers and partners.
Finally, in order to live these values, it is essential that all employees work in the same direction. We are committed to employee engagement because you, your commitment, your involvement and your efforts allow Cooptel to be a living co-operative, able to achieve its goals. and to take up daily challenges.


  1. To interest clients in becoming members in order to preserve and promote our cooperative identity.
  2. Participate in the economic and social development.
  3. Develop and promote new telecommunications products and services through the use of scalable technologies to offer customers a choice of diversified and reliable products and services that evolve to meet their needs and that this development remains a driving force for the future. Community action.
  4. Expand its geographical territory to become a telecommunications company in the regions of Quebec.
  5. Continuously improve productivity and efficiency to offer competitive rates.
  6. Partner with competent and committed partners to improve the quality of our products and services and foster cooperation.
  7. Empower staff with communication-based management and build their skills and engagement.