About Cooptel
A rich 75 year history that continues


The man who most affected the history of telephone service in the Valcourt region is undoubtedly Oliva Pratte.

At the beginning of the 1940’s, realizing that he was not the only one having problems getting reliable phone service, Pratte started recruiting others to form a syndicate to buy the Phaneuf Telephone System. Inspired by his courage and tenacity, many other equally unhappy subscribers agreed to join forces with him to undertake a project that some viewed as impossible. His struggles, over a period of 4 years, combined with Hector Bélanger and his team, turned Oliva Pratte’s dream into reality in 1944.

Oliva Pratte

Oliva Pratte, a founding member of the “Syndicat coopératif de téléphone de Valcourt”, has been with the company for 25 years. He held the position of Secretary of the Cooperative from 1944 to 1945 and from 1949 to 1968.


Company creation

His efforts took place over a period of four years, and with Hector Bélanger's team, Oliva Pratte's dream came true in 1944.


Association Coopérative de
téléphone de Valcourt

In February 1968, the "Syndicat coopératif de téléphone de Valcourt" changed its name and became, for the following ten years: l’Association coopérative de téléphone de Valcourt.


La Coop de téléphone de Valcourt

On July 20, 1979, "l’Association coopérative de téléphone de Valcourt" received the approval of the Régie des télécommunications du Québec to continue its operations under the name of the "Coop de téléphone de Valcourt".


The era of fiber optics

The Cooperative enters the era of fiber optics and begins building its network in order to meet the present and future needs of its customers.



The launch of the Internet service in October 1996 was an unprecedented success. Also, the Cooperative has ensured the provision of a quality service by itself taking on the task of technical support in order to assure the satisfaction of its customers.


CoopTel, a new name


On June 5, 1998, the Government of Quebec approved the request of the management of the cooperative. The Valcourt Co-op will now be known as CoopTel, a telecommunication co-op, and it will enter the third millennium.


CoopTel, Coop de télécommunication

In 2005 the finalized slogan that is now used "CoopTel, the only telecommunications cooperative in Quebec" is created. By this reference to its acronym, CoopTel claims its difference in the Canadian telecommunications world dominated by large private groups often transnational operations .


Cooptel en 2003


Cooperative Connected throughout Quebec

CoopTel now offers basic Internet services anywhere in Quebec, where technology permits.


Montreal and Sherbrooke

In 2007, CoopTel expanded to Montreal and Sherbrooke. The cooperative also offers telephony services in some areas of these cities in addition to Internet services.


Digital television

In 2009, the brand new 100% digital CoopTel Télé TV service is launched. This new service is in addition to the extensive range of telecommunication products and services offered to members in the Valcourt region.


Fiber at home

Faced with the growing needs of its members and anxious to offer the best of technology, Cooptel deploys its fiber network to offer fiber at home.
Cooptel is the first company to offer fiber optics at home in rural areas.



Cooptel begins its expansion in the Valcourt business office.


Investment and development

Between 2019 and 2023, the cooperative will have invested no less than $100 million to develop its network. Cooptel now serves more than 112 municipalities. During this same period, the team has grown twofold.